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Dr. T. V. Narayan [ Bangalore ]

"Have done many Lava™ units and found that the fit and aesthetics are excellent. It has thus far been accepted very well by patients. Possibly the most remarkable quality of Lava™ is the soft tissue response seen during follow up. Absence of plaque speaks volumes of the marginal fit .

Dr. P. C. Jacob [ Bangalore ]

" I have done reasonable amount of Lava™ units and found that the marginal fit is much superior to other systems that I have used.Also the options of multiple shades in the coping improves the overall esthetics and also gives options to the clinician for a better shade match.

Dr. Jaydeep P. Bhavsar [M.D.S Ghatkopar Mumbai ]

I am personally more than satisfied and extremely convinced about Lava™ crowns , its a total departure from the routine PFM crowns and also stands out among the rest of Metal free crowns done , Highly recomandable , fantastic Lab support system and extremely cheerfull willing support staff... .Reasonably charged in the current scenario

Dr. Abhay Lotlikar [Goregaon, Mumbai]

"Lava™ Crowns and Bridges are by far the best restorations available to the dental practitioner today. It gives me great pleasure to introduce these restorations to my affording class of patients. The distinct advantage being its yittrium modified zirconia core , which comes in 8 shades and blends well with the margins of the tooth and the ceramic only , which generates life like translucency. These restorations have very high esthetic properties. The CAD CAM technology used gives a precise marginal fit which helps in maintaining gingival health. Moreover it comes with a 5 year warranty and patients can check the authenticity of the restorations. Considering all these benefits I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending lava™ crowns and bridges to my patients and they in turn are gratified to receive them."

Dr. Anagha Deshpande [Chamber, Mumbai]

Lava™ Crowns are excellent, Lava™ gives best of all the worlds, fantastic aesthetics, amazing strength, and precision fit.

Dr. Ashley Santimano [Goa]

"I am truly glad to finally get the perfect restorations. The fit with 3M™ lava™ crowns is just magical and the color match has never been so precise. My patients leave dancing. They cant differentiate at all... the natural translucency and unmatched aesthetics leave me spellbound."

Dr. Sharrad Kumar [ Vashi, Navi Mumbai]

"Lava™ Crowns are comfortable, so my patients are the most comforted because the crowns look good with no hassle of metal inside.. the fit is good... and the delivery is right on time, the lab support is great, and above all, the patients acceptance is good."

Dr. Kuldeep D'mello [Goa]

"Lava™ has made a world of difference to my patients and the precision fit is amazing."

Dr. Mohit Kher

"Lava™ has great aesthetics, great strength, hassle - free"

Dr. N. S. Thakur

"Lava™ has good marginal fit, and good finishing"

Dr. R. Nadkarni

"Lava™ ultimate precision and durable"

Dr. Amit Tipnis

"Lava™ is too good, great aesthetics"

Dr. Sachin Gupta [Apollo Hospital Andheri]

"Working with 3M™ Lava™ was a real great experience, a real justice to my patient, who was looking for the best"

Dr. Allwyn Menezes [Goa]

"I have used lava™ and very happy with the aesthetics part, good translucency and light transmission properties, patients were very satisfied with the crowns and I would definitely recommend "Lava".

Dr. Sumeet Kaisare [Goa]

"I personally feel lava™ crowns and bridges are the best option available when it comes to both aesthetics and strength.

A very good fitting, esthetic crown that takes care of the final coping design with incorporation of 'Cutback technique' in the latest software."

Dr Aqeel Reshamvala

"I think Lava™ from 3M™ ESPE™ is indeed a revolutionary change in the way crowns and bridges can now fit and look along with the much desirable high strength and longevity in our restorations. The warranty of the manufacturer on the entire restoration and not just the Zirconia coping gives a sense of reassurance and confidence in using the product."

Dr. Prashant. Hatkar. M.D.S(Mum.), Restorative Dentist and Endodontist

"The dental world has been stormed by a choice range of CAD/CAM generated Zirconia and alumina restorations. The sound technological basis and the alpha level of material quality used in the creation of the Lava™ system places it at the forefront of this genre, providing restorations with exceptional fit and integrity. Couple that with the variety possible in terms of restorative options and in terms of color matching, and the dentist has a winner at hand. Therefore, for me, if it's Zirconia, it is LAVA."

Dr. Mona Kakar

Certified Member & Country Chairperson, India - European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry Accredited Member & Editor - Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry.

"For Anterior region where esthetics is of paramount importance, Lava™ crowns are ideal choice because of invisible margins, high strength & excellent aesthetics."

Dr. Pankaj Maheswari

Accredited Member & Joint Secretary - Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry

"My choice Lava™ Zirconia & Veneer Porcelain. I like because of its key features

1. Optimum esthetics - due to 8 coping shades.
2. Precision marginal Integrity - Gives accurate fit.
3. Compatible Lava™ porcelain matches very closely to Lava™ Zirconia (CTE) - No episode of fracturing / debonding of Lava™ Porcelain from Lava™ coping. Professional service from 3M. advantage to dentist - Benefits to Patients.

Dr. Prasad Joshi, [Pune]

Founder & Accredited Member & Convenor for Dental Technicians - Indian Academy of Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry.

"For all my patients opting for Zirconia core ceramic restorations, I would definitely prefer to use Lava™ because of its predictability & consistent quality. Amongst other CAD CAM systems in the market this in my experience has stood the test of reliability in terms of the strength, esthetics & fit. Lava™ in India comes with an excellent laboratory support & statistics over a 7 year study help to authenticate the product. Problems of overlay ceramic fractures, core compatibility, coe shade match & opacity are all of the past, ensuring an esthetic & functional restoration here to stay for a long-long time.''

Dr. Burzin Khan

Prosthodontist & Implantologist
''An all ceramic restoration par excellence waiting at your door steps to be exploited. Based on an innovative CAD/CAM technology lava™ Zirconia based ceramic crown exhibits an unmatched esthetic quality an excellent translucency and patient comfort.''

Dr. Arun Khatavkar, M.D.S.

''Lava? Technology brings excellent esthetics and at end what leaves from your clinic is - a smiling patient.''