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Lava Classic Zirconia Precision Solutions

Lava™ Classic

Lava™ Zirconia Crowns & Bridges are designed to look and feel like beautiful natural teeth.

All Zirconia is not alike!

Not all Zirconia is alike. Yes, Zirconia can be chemically similar, but once processed the mechanical and optical properties can be significantly different. Lava™ Zirconia has now been commercially available for 10 years.


  • High strength of 1440 Mpa
  • High stability

Lava™ Zirconia Crowns & Bridges

Excellent long term aesthetics

  • Tooth colored material
  • Unique shading system
  • Homogeneous coloring
  • High, life-like translucency


  • Metal free
  • Clinical studies showed no allergic reactions (gingival)
  • Excellent regeneration of gingiva

Excellent fit

  • Single crowns
  • 8 Unit bridges with upto 4 pontics in the anterior region
  • Inlay and Onlay bridges
  • Primary telescopes
  • Splinted crowns
  • Custom Zirconia abutments for a wide variety of implant systems

3M™'s material science meets advanced digital technology.

  • Processed differently with a trade-secret formulation designed to enhance the translucency, marginal fit and strength
    • Excellent marginal fit that has been clinically documented
    • Optimal strength and translucency
  • Industrial Manufactured Zirconia "Made in Germany"
  • European certified quality control process

Lava™ Frame Framework Ceramic

Crowns and Bridges - Lava™ Frame Framework Ceramic
  • Flexural strength (Punch Test) (ISO 6872) > 1100 MPa
  • Weibull strength (s0) (3-Punkt) 1345 MPa
  • Stress resistance (2% / 5 Jahre) 615 MPa
  • (Youngs) Modulus of elasticity (E) > 205 GPa
  • Weibull-modulus (m) 10.5
  • Crack growth parameter (n) 50
  • Fracture toughness (KIC) 5-10 MPa m½
  • CTE 10 ppm
  • Vickers hardness (HV 10) 1250
  • Melting point 2700 °C
  • Grain size 0.5 µm
  • Density (p) 6.08 g/cm³
  • Solubility (ISO 6872) 0 µg/cm²

Supplied via Authorized 3M Milling Partners only
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*Conditions apply - warranty provided as per terms mentioned in the warranty card