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3M™ believes there is more to a partnership than just selling equipment. It is about consistency, security & support.

You've done your homework, studied pros and cons and finally made a decision to purchase a piece of equipment. What happens next is what defines a partnership versus just another sale. The best way to understand if it's a partnership or just a sale is to talk to existing customers. How does the training process work? How will you promote your new product or purchase? What kind of network is in place for service and support? Do you have a clear understanding of the manufacturer's capabilities and future digital vision? As you can see, quite often the real work begins after the purchase.



  • Last Year, 3M™ spent $1.5 billion in research and development, creating practical and ingenious solution to help its customers succeed.
  • 3M™ has a history of innovative products that are rigorously tested before being introduced to the market
  • Strong Commitment to digital dentistry highlighted by the purchase of Brontes Technologies in 2006.


  • 3M™ supports your business with technical services and educational resources
  • 3M™ helps grow your business with business planning, marketing and sales support
  • 3M™ has a nationalwide sale force- more than 130 strong calling on dentists and labs daily

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