Lava™ Precision Solutions

How do I become a 3M™ Partner Lab

The Lava™ name began as the 3M™ brand of zirconia, a promising alternative to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) copings.

Since it's introduction, Lava™ zirconia has become one of the most trusted and requested zirconia brands for crowns and bridges globally. The reason: it's not a commodity. It provides differentiating benefits, in natural esthetics, strength and fit, along with 10 + years of clinical history. 3M™ continues to merge the best of this material science with advanced digital technology to help labs and dentists transform the way dentistry is done.With our exclusive Lab network of over 200 labs across the country,we are proud to be India's largest lab community!

Interested in becoming a 3M™ Partner Lab? Write to us and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

3M Authorized Lava Milling Partner

Take your rightful place among the Top Dental Milling Centers in the Country !

As an authorized partner you are the owner of 3M™ Lava™ Materials Approved Mill Systems such as CNC 500 , CNC 240 , CNC 250i etc , you have access to our unique warranty system and can mill 3M Zirconia Products under the Lava™ Range (Premium, Classic and Essential) and also have access to mill 3M Translucent and 3M Monolith Zirconia, you can choose the format (Disc/Frame) comfortable for your use and have access to our warranty system which supports your costs and provides you with an exclusive sales support team. You also have unlimited access to our all India service center, all our training services, after sales support helpline, and complimentary mill portal access across all our scanner partners in the country. Authorized Mill Partners will also have exclusive access to the TrueDef™ Chairside Oral Scanner cases across the country (launching soon).

3M Licensee Milling Center

Take your first step towards being a 3M Authorized Milling Center by joining our Licensee Partner program !

As a Licensee Partner you can use your current Milling system to produce 3M Translucent and 3M Monolith Zirconia, you can choose the size of Disc Formats comfortable for your use and have access to our warranty system to generate cases. This opportunity enables your lab to give world class quality to your customers and at the same time enables you to balance your invested costs. Licensee Mill Centers too have access to our training and support helpline.

3M Scanner/Ceram Partner

Take control of your Digital Cases through our Scanner/Ceram Lab Program !

As a Scanner/Ceram Partner you can use source copings from our Authorized or Licensee Mill partners and fabricate cases to your requirements. You also have access to our training and support across all products ordered through our partner network.